Descended from the "Psalteri" is classified with "hammered dulcimers." Its nearest relative and predecessor (in terms of construction at least) is the Romanian Santour. The Greek Santouri is the only hammered dulcimer in the world (to my knowledge) to have a fully chromatic setup. In other words there are all the equivalents of all the black and white keys of the piano on it, unlike other versions (Celtic, Hungarian, Chinese, etc) which have some of the black keys missing. Its traditional Greek form has had a 3½ octave range. Today most Greek instruments add a lower range extending down from E to C. I have incorporated this feature on my instruments but I have also found that I can offer an extended high range from b' to e" without any compromise in form or function. Another feature I've added is to tune and thus utilize partial tones (notes behind the bridges thus fat not utilized) will tune them to the double octave. I put the tuning pins (unless otherwise requested) on the left hand side of the instrument to facilitate anyone coming to the Santouri with a background in Guitar, Bouzouki, etc. where they would be used to tuning with the left hand instead of the right. I have reinforced the inner structure (without any adverse tonal affect) to withstand the tension of around 100 metal strings. I also use thick solid pin blocks instead of 1" planks to prevent cracking of splitting.


Santouri Construction

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