I've always tried to push the envelope in terms of the range of the guitar. Extending the high range has taken some energy, effort, and time. It was a gradual process. Finally I came up with something that works well and I find aesthetically pleasing. My basic principle is that it should be immediately accessible to a player and not throw them off. For this I make sure to always maintain traditional points of reference (for example the 18th fret is still the last full length fret and the 19th fret is a comprised shorter one etc).
The guitar depicted with this innovation was photographed with 26 frets. Subsequently I couldn't resist the temptation and added a 29th fret (a high g').

Steel String, Jazz

There are quite a few innovations in terms of structure, decoration, range, and improved acoustics (tibre, tone, balance, etc). As always, I'm making sure that these instruments will maintain all points of reference for the guitarist (in terms of playability). Both of these models will feature a 27 fret range.


Guitar Examples And Construction

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